September 26, 2016

7:30 PM



NOTICE TO READERS: City Council meeting packets are prepared several days prior to the meetings. Timely action and short discussion on agenda items is reflective of Council's prior review of each issue with time, thought and analysis given. Many items have been previously discussed at a Council Study Session.

Members of the audience are invited to speak at the Council meeting. Citizen Communication (Section 5) is reserved for comments on any issues or items pertaining to City business except those for which a formal public hearing is scheduled under Section 10 when the Mayor will call for public testimony. Please limit comments to no more than 5 minutes duration. 

1.Pledge of Allegiance
2.Roll Call
3.Consideration of Minutes
A.Minutes of September 12, 2016
A.Proclamation Recognizing the 2016-2017 Youth Advisory Panel
B.Proclamation for Community Planning Month
C.Proclamation Designating October as Fire Prevention Month
5.Citizen Communication
6.Report of City Officials
7.City Council Comments
8.Consent Agenda
A.Financial Report for August 2016
B.Construction Contract Award for Electrical Service Improvements at 6935 Federal Boulevard
C.Building Operations & Maintenance Cumulative Purchases over $75,000 for Integrated Safety Services, LLC
D.Building Operations & Maintenance Cumulative Purchases over $75,000 for Kelly Electrical Services, Inc.
E.Building Operations & Maintenance Cumulative Purchases over $75,000 for Synergy Mechanical Services, Inc.
F.Building Operations & Maintenance Cumulative Purchases over $75,000 for Alfred Benesch & Company
G.Facilities Space Study Phase II Architectural Services Contract Extension with Anderson Hallas Architects, PC
H.2017 Property and Liability Insurance Renewal
I.Distribution System Master Meter Project Engineering Contract
J.Lift Station Forcemains Project Engineering Contract
K.Second Reading of Councillor's Bill No. 32 re Appropriation of 2015 Carryover Into 2016
L.Second Reading of Councillor's Bill No. 33 re Amending Title V, Chapter 14 Liquor Licensing
M.Second Reading of Councillor’s Bill No. 34 re Amending Section 8-7-27 of the Westminster Municipal Code Concerning Backflow Assembly Service Fees
N.Second Reading of Councillor’s Bill No. 35 re Amendment to the Westminster Municipal Code Concerning Fats, Oil, Grease and Grit Device Inspection Service Fee Addition
O.Second Reading of Councillor's Bill No. 36 re 2017 Water and Wastewater Tap Fees; and Action to Increase Water Rights Component of the Water Tap Fee, Effective 2018
P.Second Reading of Councillor’s Bill No. 37 re 2016 Community Development Block Grant Fund Appropriation
The "Consent Agenda" is a group of routine matters to be acted on with a single motion and vote. The Mayor will ask if any Council member wishes to remove an item for separate discussion. Items removed from the consent agenda will be considered immediately following adoption of the amended Consent Agenda.
9.Appointments and Resignations
10.Public Hearings and Other New Business
A.Public Hearing and Councillor's Bill No. 38 re Laurel Business Park Comprehensive Plan Amendment
B.Councillor's Bill No. 39 re Vacating the Rights-of-Way of the Final Plats for Downtown Westminster and for the First Replat of Downtown Westminster
C.Councillor's Bill No. 40 re Revised Employment Agreement with John A. Stipech
D.Resolution No. 32 Supporting Adams 12 Five Star Schools Bond Proposal
E.Resolution No. 33 Supporting Jeffco Public Schools Bond Issue and Mill Levy Override
F.Shoenberg Farm Milk and Ice House Contract Change Orders and Additional Budget Request
11.Old Business and Passage of Ordinance on Second Reading
12.Miscellaneous Business and Executive Session
ACity Council
B.Executive Session
NOTE: Persons needing an accommodation must notify the City Clerk no later than noon on the Thursday prior to the scheduled Council meeting to allow adequate time to make arrangements. You can call 303-658-2161/TTY 711 or State Relay or write to to make a reasonable accommodation request.


A. The meeting shall be chaired by the Mayor or designated alternate. The hearing shall be conducted to provide for a reasonable opportunity for all interested parties to express themselves, as long as the testimony or evidence being given is reasonably related to the purpose of the public hearing. The Chair has the authority to limit debate to a reasonable length of time to be equal for both positions.

B. Any person wishing to speak other than the applicant will be required to fill out a "Request to Speak or Request to have Name Entered into the Record" form indicating whether they wish to comment during the public hearing or would like to have their name recorded as having an opinion on the public hearing issue. Any person speaking may be questioned by a member of Council or by appropriate members of City Staff.

C. The Chair shall rule upon all disputed matters of procedure, unless, on motion duly made, the Chair is overruled by a majority vote of Councillors present.

D. The ordinary rules of evidence shall not apply, and Council may receive petitions, exhibits and other relevant documents without formal identification or introduction.

E. When the number of persons wishing to speak threatens to unduly prolong the hearing, the Council may establish a time limit upon each speaker.

F. City Staff enters a copy of public notice as published in newspaper; all application documents for the proposed project and a copy of any other written documents that are an appropriate part of the public hearing record;

G. The property owner or representative(s) present slides and describe the nature of the request (maximum of 10 minutes);

H. Staff presents any additional clarification necessary and states the Planning Commission recommendation;

I. All testimony is received from the audience, in support, in opposition or asking questions. All questions will be directed through the Chair who will then direct the appropriate person to respond.

J. Final comments/rebuttal received from property owner;

K. Final comments from City Staff and Staff recommendation.

L. Public hearing is closed.

M. If final action is not to be taken on the same evening as the public hearing, the Chair will advise the audience when the matter will be considered. Councillors not present at the public hearing will be allowed to vote on the matter only if they listen to the tape recording of the public hearing prior to voting.