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Agenda Item - 1.

Staff Report

City Council Pre/Post Briefing Meeting
May  23, 2022

Semper Rehabilitation and Rebuild Evaluation: Update

Prepared By: 

Amy Zimmerman, Senior Engineer

Stephanie Bleiker, Acting UE Division Manager

Recommended City Council Action:

Receive an update and presentation regarding the Semper Rehabilitation and Rebuild Evaluation Project.

Summary Statement:


  • This is the third in a series of presentations/discussions with City Council regarding the Semper Rehabilitation and Rebuild Evaluation Project.


  • Staff will continue providing updates to City Council on a monthly basis as work progresses.


  • Since receiving City Council direction, the seventh and eighth amendments to the CDM Smith (CDM) contract have been executed. These amendments are for Semper's Rehabilitation and Rebuild Evaluation on site and in the areas adjacent to Semper, to include the Municipal Services Center (MSC) site. The combined value of the seventh and eighth amendments to CDM's engineering services agreement is $750,000.  


  • The purpose of this meeting is to share a progress update with City Council regarding evaluative criteria on Semper rehabilitation and rebuild alternatives.


  • In this presentation, evaluative criteria will be outlined and discussed independent of any Semper Rehabilitation and Rebuild alternatives.


  • This presentation is an opportunity for City Council to ask questions, discuss the evaluative criteria, and provide feedback.


  • Staff will be returning to City Council in June to provide a presentation and receive feedback on alternatives and the application of the evaluative criteria for the alternatives.
Fiscal Impact:

$750,000 in expenditures.
Source of Funds:

Utility Fund: Water Treatment Plan Project


Policy Issue(s):


Does City Council want to receive a presentation regarding the Semper Rehabilitation and Rebuild Evaluation Project and provide feedback to Staff?



City Council could choose not to receive this presentation and provide feedback at this time. Staff does not recommend this alternative. This presentation will provide City Council with important information and an opportunity to provide input as Staff moves forward with the Semper Rehabilitation and Rebuild Evaluation Project.

Background Information:


On February 14, 2022, City Council provided Staff direction to complete a thorough, evaluative process to identify cost, risks, and opportunities for various alternatives to either rehabilitate or rebuild Semper Water Treatment Plant.


Staff has executed Amendment 8 to CDM's contract in response to City Council's direction to carry out the Semper Rehabilitation and Associated Sites Evaluation. Amendment 7 to CDM's contract addresses alternatives to improve Semper on the Semper site and into the MSC area in the amount of $467,074. Amendment 8 to CDM's contract addresses further alternative site considerations. This amendment will cost $282,926, bringing the combined value of both amendments to $750,000. These amendments are within City Council-approved contingency funds. Contingency funds for this project were approved in an amount not to exceed $1,100,000. The minimum time to complete responses to the challenge questions is about four and a half months from the time CDM received notice to proceed with Amendment 7. Consistent with that timetable, CDM and Staff are on track to complete this work in August.


On March 28, 2022, Staff updated City Council with an information only staff report on the Semper Rehabilitation and Rebuild Evaluation Project and CDM's amendment to resume work evaluating alternatives adjacent to the Semper site and in the MSC area.


On April 11, 2022, Staff made two presentations to City Council on the Semper Rehabilitation and Rebuild Evaluation Project. The first presentation provided an update on CDM progress and an overview discussion on policy level decisions for City Council related to water treatment plant design. The second presentation was in executive session.


This presentation will pick up where the last one left off, offering more detail on evaluative criteria outlined in the April 11, 2022, overview presentation and discussion along with a brief overview of related technical topics.


Semper Rehabilitation and Rebuild initial alternatives are scheduled to be presented in June when Staff will return to Council to discuss the integration of alternatives and the integration of the evaluative criteria.


Cost assessments for the various alternatives will be available toward the end of the project, and at that point City Council will have the opportunity to evaluate a full analysis of pros and cons for each alternative alongside costs associated with each alternative.

This presentation and discussion support the City's Strategic Plan Priorities of Preparedness and Resilience as well as Robust Infrastructure by ensuring City Council is provided thorough analysis of Semper's Rehabilitation and Rebuild Evaluation to provide important information as City Council evaluates alternatives for critical infrastructure.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody L. Andrews
Interim City Manager
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