Item Coversheet

Agenda Item - 9.A.

Agenda Memorandum

City Council Meeting
May  10, 2021

Visionary Leadership, Effective Governance and Proactive Regional Collaboration
Swearing In Ceremony for Mayor Anita Seitz

Prepared By: 

Michelle Parker, City Clerk

David Frankel, City Attorney

Recommended City Council Action:
Mayor Anita Seitz will be sworn in by Acting Presiding Municipal Court Judge Jason Lantagne. 
Summary Statement:


  • On Monday, May 3, 2021, former Mayor Herb Atchison announced his resignation, effective that night at 11:59 p.m. upon the advice of his physician.

  • Per Section 1-10-1(D), Westminster Municipal Code (W.M.C.), the Mayor Pro Tem shall assume the office of Mayor and shall hold office until the next regular election, which is to take place on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. 

  • The swearing in of Mayor Anita Seitz will leave a vacancy in her remaining Council term, set to expire in November 2023. 

  • This vacancy will also trigger the need to select a new Mayor Pro Tem this evening.
Fiscal Impact:

$0 in expenditures.
Source of Funds:

Not applicable.


Policy Issue(s):


Should Council proceed with the swearing in ceremony for Mayor Anita Seitz?



None identified.
Background Information:


At the advice of his physician, Herb Atchison resigned as Mayor of the City of Westminster effective 11:59 p.m. on May 3. Mr. Atchison submitted his resignation to the City Clerk on May 3 and announced his decision at the conclusion of the Westminster City Council Study Session that evening.

Mayor Pro Tem Anita Seitz is now Acting Mayor. In accordance with  W.M.C. 1-10-1(D) and Charter 3.18, due to the resignation by the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Anita Seitz will be sworn in as Mayor this evening, and will hold that position until the next regular election (November 2021). At said election, a Mayor shall be elected for a four-year term.


When Mayor Pro Tem Anita Seitz assumes the office of Mayor this evening, her current seat becomes vacant and is subject to filling for the remainder of the unexpired term (two and a half years) under Charter 5.7 and W.M.C. 1-11-4. Such a vacancy is filled by a majority vote of remaining members of City Council. If any vacancy on the City Council, that the City Council is authorized to fill, is not so filled within 30 days after such vacancy occurs, or if three or more vacancies exist simultaneously, such vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term at a special election.

Swearing in Mayor Seitz supports the City's Strategic Plan goal of Visionary Leadership, Effective Governance and Proactive Regional Collaboration by ensuring a seamless transition in the role from Mayor Atchison to Mayor Seitz.
Respectfully submitted,

Donald M. Tripp
City Manager