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Staff Report

City Council Pre/Post Briefing Meeting
February  8, 2021

Visionary Leadership, Effective Governance and Proactive Regional Collaboration
Vibrant, Inclusive and Engaged Community
Beautiful, Desirable, Safe and Environmentally Responsible City
Dynamic, Diverse Economy 
Financially Sustainable Government Providing Excellence in City Services
Ease of Mobility
Strategic Plan Update - Fall 2020 Report

Prepared By: 
Theresa L. Booco, Policy and Budget Analyst
Summary Statement:


This report is for City Council's information only and requires no action by City Council.


The attached report provides City Council with an update on Staff accomplishments and efforts in support of the adopted 2019 Strategic Plan goals as well as the Vision Statement (updated and adopted in 2020) for the period of July 15, 2020 - December 31, 2020. If City Council has specific questions about the status of any item noted, Staff will be happy to provide additional information.

Background Information:


In 2019, City Council reviewed and updated the City's Strategic Plan. These efforts culminated with the adoption of the 2019 Strategic Plan at the June 24, 2019 City Council meeting.


The Strategic Plan includes the City's Vision Statement, which was adopted September 14, 2020:


We are a thriving community of safe neighborhoods and beautiful open space that is sustainable and inclusive.


The Strategic Plan is comprised of specific goals, objectives, and actions. The goals reflect the broadly defined key statements of what the City hopes to achieve. The objectives reflect the means of achieving or moving toward the goals and focus City efforts. The actions flow from each objective to guide daily, weekly, and monthly actions, and identify specific projects, programs or priorities to be achieved, ultimately helping to achieve the Vision.


The attached document provides a status update on specific accomplishments and efforts of Staff to accomplish the goals set forth in the adopted Strategic Plan. The last Strategic Plan Update Report was delivered on July 25, 2020 at City Council's Strategic Planning Retreat.

The report includes color coding for each action item update to identify the status and is as follows:


  • In Progress (green) - Work is actively being completed on this project and it is on schedule.


  • Scheduled (orange) - Work is planned on this and is planned to be addressed on schedule.


  • Delayed (red) - Work is either in progress or planned for this item but it is incurring delays.


  • Completed (blue) - Item is either complete, substantially complete, or embedded into the standard operations of the organization.


The “status” row(s) reflect what progress has been made through December 31, 2020, and these actions reflect cross departmental/citywide efforts.

The attached Strategic Plan Update Report apprises City Council of Staff efforts on the projects that align with City's Strategic Plan goals of Visionary Leadership, Effective Governance, and Proactive Regional Collaboration; Vibrant, Inclusive, and Engaged Community; Beautiful, Desirable, Safe, and Environmentally Responsible City; Dynamic, Diverse Economy; Financially Sustainable Government Providing Excellence in City Services; and Ease of Mobility.
Respectfully submitted,

Donald M. Tripp
City Manager
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