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Staff Report

City Council Pre/Post Briefing Meeting
December  11, 2017

Visionary Leadership, Effective Governance and Proactive Regional Collaboration
Vibrant, Inclusive and Engaged Community
Beautiful, Desirable, Safe and Environmentally Responsible City
Dynamic, Diverse Economy 
Financially Sustainable Government Providing Excellence in City Services
Ease of Mobility
Capital Improvement Program Fall 2017 Project Status Report

Prepared By: 
Fred Kellam, Policy & Budget Analyst 
Summary Statement:


This report is for information only and requires no action by City Council. 


Attached is the status report on Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects for activities between April 1, 2017, through September 30, 2017. The project title, description and status update is provided for each project.  If City Council has questions about any of the projects included in the report, Staff will follow up with additional information. 

Background Information:


Staff has compiled the attached status reports on Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects for activities that have taken place between the last report date of March 31, 2017, through September 30, 2017. 

Attachment A, "Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Project Status Report Guide", serves as a guide and provides general definitions for information presented within the project status reports within Attachments B and C. The following is a brief summary of key content within Attachment A:


  • Projects marked as “New” identify new projects added to the CIP Status Report since last update, or a project may be labeled as “Close” if the project is complete and ready to close, or if the project is complete and in the warranty phase.


  • Each project has a fund name identified. Due to reporting limitations, only one fund is provided. For projects budgeted in multiple funds, this is disclosed in the project description.


  • The project title, a brief project description, primary fund, expenditure budget and actuals, project status, identified resources (e.g., project manager(s), engineering firms/contractors/vendors), and construction change order information (when applicable).


  • Major projects, unlike ongoing projects, also include estimated planned start and completion dates, and an estimate of percent complete.


Attachment B, "Capital Improvement Program - Major Projects", contains projects with definitive start and end dates. Budget and spent data reflect cumulative values since project inception, as these projects have a definitive start and end date. Start dates reflect the actual time when actual project activities first began, or are estimated to begin. Completion dates represent the projected/targeted end dates for projects. Percent complete identifies the amount of the overall project, as funded by authorized appropriations and defined in the project title/description; the percent complete is specific to project activities and may differ from the percent of budget expended due to various factors, such as the timing associated with invoice processing.


Attachment C, "Capital Improvement Program - Ongoing Projects", contains all projects that are continuous in nature and do not have definitive start and end dates. In contrast to major project reporting, budget and spent data reflect current fiscal year values to better reflect near-term financial resources available for these ongoing projects in an effort to make the data more relevant. These ongoing projects typically receive additional funding periodically during the budget process.


City Council might notice a change in the format of the report. Staff across the organization has worked to move the status reporting tools from Excel into the City's financial system and automate much of the process. This was a significant process to improve efficiencies and simplify the reporting process to provide timely and relevant information to City Council and the public.  Staff will continue to improve the usability of the report.

Projects within this Staff Report support all of the City's Strategic Plan goals, as the Capital Improvement Program is a primary means to accomplish the goals, including: Visionary Leadership, Effective Governance and Proactive Regional Collaboration; Vibrant, Inclusive and Engaged Community; Beautiful, Desirable, Safe and Environmentally Responsible City; Dynamic, Diverse Economy; Financially Sustainable Government Providing Excellence in City Services; and Ease of Mobility. 
Respectfully submitted,

Donald M. Tripp
City Manager
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